Filip Brabec

Vice President, Product Management

Filip Brabec is Vice President, Product Management, at Audi of America with responsibility for product definition and configuration of current models as well as setting the lineup of future U.S. vehicles in concert with AUDI AG.

A leader in product planning for the company since 2006, Brabec now oversees two important arenas. Both of them contribute significantly to expanding the Audi brand and product platform for the company’s ambitious expansion plans in the U.S. market over the next few years.

First, he and his staff ensure that information about the current Audi of America product lineup is completely and properly distributed – an increasingly complex task given the proliferation of new Audi models over the last few years.

Second, Brabec works in a highly integrated basis with teams from the parent company in Germany on the development and planning of new products and technologies for future Audi models in the United States.

After an eclectic youth that included becoming a popular American country music singer in his native Czechoslovakia, and graduating from high school in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Brabec rose through the ranks of Audi of America in Auburn Hills, Michigan, as a product-planning manager, then at AUDI AG in Germany, before returning to the U.S. in 2005.

Brabec was born in Prague.